The Facebook algorithms they went to war. Gone are the messages of friends and groups, in their place only the celebrity post‘. The quotes are a must as they are often pages of VIPs, bands and artists who are not so well known in Italy and are displayed in a random way. In most cases, these are pages that are not followed by the user.

In short, something went very wrong. The problem only concerns the news feed, the main screen of the social network. The rest of the site works correctly: so you can access your friends’ pages normally, as well as private groups. Messenger also continues to run smoothly.

The celebrity pages babel lasted a few hours. At around 9:30 a.m., the social network restored the correct functioning of the news feed, but did not issue a statement about the causes of the disservice. everything Technical issues from Facebook in recent years, this is certainly one of the most curious and bizarre. Social network users will remember this for a long time.

Meanwhile, Facebook is not doing so well and there are those who are already predicting its extinction. Facebook is now completely snubbed by teenagers, who see it as a social for old people. And that wasn’t enough, Facebook is still regularly out of the Top 10 most downloaded applications.

Source: Lega Nerd

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