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Philips Fidelio Home Sound – more flexible and easy to use home sound systems


Philips called the press to Berlin, taking advantage of the fact that the German capital will host IFA 2022 in the coming days, and presented its new range of home audio equipment highlighting new additions to the Fidelio range.

More precisely, this is a new batch of him Philips TAB 8907, 8507, 7807 and 7207 soundbars Offering excellent features and specifications suitable for a wide range of audiovisual options.

But, without a doubt, the main role fell on Loudspeaker Fidelio FS1very versatile thanks to easy connection to other speakers, soundbars or subwoofers, easy to set up your home theater sound system.


Flexibility and sound quality in the new Fidelio Flexible range

TP Vision’s offer for the home audio section is not so much focused on the loudspeakers used, but on the series audio devices that can work both individually and synchronously creating a complete home theater system.

One of the most striking elements was Soundbar Fidelio FB1 which comes with specification 7.1.2 and with the EISA 2022 award for the best built-in soundbar on hand.

With the same design language comes Fidelio FS1 speaker and FW1 subwoofer which provide ease of installation and complete flexibility in creating a complete sound system.

Fidelio FS1


The most versatile element of the set is the Fidelio FS1 loudspeaker., consisting of a 1″ tweeter, a 2.5″ top-mounted corner driver to enhance the Dolby Atmos effect and expand the sound stage, a 3.5″ woofer supported by two passive radiators. Closing his outfit adds LED lighting for Ambilight and all this in a compact package.

Fidelio FS1 can be used as a single loudspeaker. tripartite or connect with another FS1 to create a stereo sound systemor easily integrated into a home theater system, acting as one of the satellite speakers provided by a two-way system, plus a dedicated Dolby Atmos controller.

Fidelio FS1


The Fidelio FS1 can be connected to an Ambilight TV as extended left and right channels, and the TV itself will act as a compatible center channel, maintaining accurate dialogue and expanding the soundstage.

The versatility of this Fidelio system benefits from DTS Play-Fi multi-room technologycreating a Fidelio AV system that allows for various possible options with the FB1 soundbar, FW1 subwoofer and FS1 speaker capable of reaching create a home theater system 7.2.4 which is automatically configured when devices are turned on.

New soundbars that adapt to the needs of each room

The launch event hosted by TP Vision also featured conventional soundbars.

New range of Philips soundbars includes four models from B7207 with distribution 2.1to Philips B8907 based system 3.1.2 which added an important improvement to the sound of TVs.

Fidelio FS1


All of the new soundbars that have been introduced offer high power output, a wireless subwoofer and include left and right side tweeters, allowing them to expand the soundstage by improving surround sound emulation.

The undisputed star of this new range of soundbars is Philips TAB 8907 with 720W output.except drivers with ceiling projection for Dolby Atmos.

The ability to connect this soundbar to DTS Play-Fi allows you to increase performance from the initial 3.1.2 configuration to 5.1.2 by adding a pair of DTS Play-Fi compatible rear speakers.

The rest of the range consists of Philips 8507, 7807 and 7207 tab They highlight the ease of connecting to a TV via the EasyLink system and strike a good balance between good features and a limited price, while not forgetting the power that comes in at 600W, 620W and 520W respectively.

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