Stop feeling guilty when you stand in front of a cup of coffee soft ice cream. Don’t want to get fat, but still enjoy the goodness of this fresh dessert? Then choose the new frozen yogurt, a fruit flavored ice cream without the addition of milk. Its peculiarity is that, unlike creams, it does not contain cream and eggs.

Hair nutritional properties they change depending on the flavor you choose. The basis of the recipe remains the same: milk, sugar and lactic ferments. The trick is that these are added in the form of yogurt. A method that you can easily prepare at home. Frozen yogurt is high in protein, calcium and simple sugars. Furthermore, it should be emphasized that changing the ingredients the nutritional values ​​of the product may vary. For example, if you add Greek yogurt compared to the classic one, its nutritional value changes. However, frozen yogurt remains a food rich in simple sugars, which are negative for our health.

Even with traditional ice cream, the nutritional characteristics change according to the ingredient. If you choose a dairy-free fruit ice cream, it is full simple sugars. On the other hand, it has “ice cream” with milk and in any case cream, then also milk proteins and fats. Some flavors also contain eggs and extra protein and fat. Ice cream therefore remains rich in sugars and fats, even saturated ones, which must be consumed in limited quantities for the health of our body.

Finally, when comparing the nutritional properties between frozen yogurt and ice cream, one has to be objective. Both have a high concentration of nutrients that should be limited. Simple sugars are numerous in both types of candy. Frozen yogurt has the advantage of being low in fat, but high in sugar. So which one to choose between the two?

The only rule we can take is: limit the consumption ice cream twice a week. Then choose the “cream” type of ice cream or frozen yogurt, depending on your preference, without exaggerating the intake beyond the recommended amount. Then there is the case of the intolerance to lactose, so frozen yogurt would be the best choice. For the preparation of frozen yogurt, enzymes have been added that feed on lactose, but which make the end product suitable for it intolerant. Basically, don’t look for justification for choosing frozen yogurt, as the name can make it look healthier. However, you can safely consume it if you combine it with a balanced diet and in the right amount.

Source: Lega Nerd

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