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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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How long do I need to wear an L after giving up my driver’s license


Once we get a driver’s license, a whole world of possibilities opens up before us. Being able to rent a car, fill up the tank (if you’re a millionaire) and visit the city you most desire is a luxury. But for this you will have to go through a difficult path.

After passing, many people do not know that we have become drivers … but not with all the privileges. That’s why they are called: novice driver. New means: new to a particular situation or activity, so you lack experience.

Until a well-defined amount of time has elapsed, a novice driver is not considered an experienced driver or a veteran driver who starts over years and years until he manages to get all the privileges that the road offers.


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Restrictions for a new driver

  • Card points: when you pass your driver’s license, you get 8 points. As time passes, the number of points you can score is 15. In order not to lose points and get full points, you must not commit any offense for 8 years.
  • Alcohol level: a novice driver may give 0.3 g/l in blood or 0.15 mg/l in exhaled air for the first 2 years. In contrast, in experienced drivers older than 2 years, these limits reach up to 0.5 g / l in the blood or 0.25 mg / l in the exhaled air.

How long should we wear L in the car

According to the traffic rules, Driving with an L when you are a beginner is mandatory within 12 months of receiving an APTO from DGT.

In addition, the sign L must be placed on the rear window of the car, in the upper left part. The goal is for all drivers to be able to see that this driver is a novice and they should take special precautions.

Not wearing it can result in a fine of up to 100 euros. So it’s better to leave the L for a year that you have to wear it and don’t be ashamed, we all have to go through this procedure and having it makes your trip much safer.

Source: Computer Hoy

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