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New functionality for vehicles that will avoid collisions with cyclists after parking.


First of all, if you are a cyclist and usually move around the city or the surrounding area, read the list of 20 sacred rules that the DGT gives you so that you can travel safely on the road. It is vital that you return home safe and sound, don’t forget that.

Having seen that, let’s take a look at Lexus’ invention called the Safe Exit Assistant. This technology is designed to prevent cyclists from being hit when we have parked the car on the street and are about to get out of the car. Classic: you open the door and bump into a cyclist.

As the DGT (with a new label you don’t know) explained, Lexus has introduced a new Safe Exit Vehicle Assistance designed to prevent accidents involving cyclists and other vehicles caused by hasty opening of vehicle doors.

These types of accidents are quite common when the driver or passenger of the vehicle opens the door and intrudes into the path of the cyclist riding behind.explains the brand.

This new assistant consists of an electronic door opening system which, related to the sensors of the blind spot detection system installed at the rear of the vehicleprevents doors from opening in the event of an accident.

Sensors detect cyclists or other road users, alert the driver or passengers with warning lights in the exterior mirrors and on the dashboard, and disable the door opening system.“, explains the manufacturer.


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This new technology is already being used in several of the brand’s models such as the NX, electric RZ and RX. Here you have all the company models if you don’t control them.

The new models of the brand are also equipped with two other technological assistants for the safety of cyclists: pre-collision system, which determines the risk of collision with a cyclist in front.

And a new turn assistant at intersections that warns if a cyclist crosses the path of a vehicle. when turning left or right at an intersection. This feature is very similar to a mirror sensor that tells us if we can overtake or not.

Source: Computer Hoy

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