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Smart hourglass to help you work or study better (video)


Anyone who faces a project in front of a computer screen or in front of an open book is not exempt from that sword of Damocles called procrastination.

Procrastination is the devil of today. All those things that tempt you not to do what you should be doing. Distractions, notifications, boredom, routine… You start doing an hour’s work, and it takes three.

There are many ways fight procrastination, the most popular of these are the Pomodoro Techniques, which consist of dividing time into small blocks and forcing yourself to continuously work within the block in order to get rewards for completing: take a break, play video games for a while, ice cream…

There are many ways to apply tomato technique, using apps or stopwatches. But almost all of these methods are based on screens, numbers and notificationswhich are very powerful elements of distraction.

That’s how we got to Focus timer, a kind of smart hourglass what is the original anti-procrastination device. You can see it in action in the introductory video of the news.

The Focus Timer has no screens, rotating parts, buttons, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. this is digital hourglass with an accelerometer inside: if you turn it, a blue ring appears, which is equivalent to 1 minute. Keep turning to add minutes until you reach 10. Then a yellow ring will appear indicating 10 minutes. If you keep turning the clock you can accumulate up to 100 minutes.

And that’s it: you turn it over, and the countdown begins. It’s about making you work at that time until the clock is empty. Then give yourself a reward. Or turn the clock over to start the countdown again.

The advantage of Focus Timer is that there are no screens, no countdowns, no numbers to distract you. Just a relaxing clock light that helps you stay focused.

It’s a simple idea but very well implemented and it really helps you. increase productivity in remote work or studyif you’re willing to follow the rules tomato technique.

Focus timer it’s already KickStartering the collection to be produced by a factor of 20. You can get it for a few 60 euro40% less than when it goes on sale in stores.

Source: Computer Hoy

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