Last Thursday (1), Argentina’s Ministry of Health announced three deaths. Pneumonia two sided, a disease that affects both lungs of patients. To date, the country’s government did not discover the origin of the infection, and therefore, patient number zero.

All together, doctors diagnosed Nine human cases infected with pneumonia of unknown origin in the Tucumán region – diagnosis made through x-ray examinations. Unfortunately, after complaints such as fever, body pain and shortness of breath, three of the patients could not stand the situation and died.

Between 29 and 31 August, two health workers died after contracting the disease, and on September 1, a 70-year-old woman also died – the patient was in the hospital for a surgical procedure and eventually fell ill. diagnosis of respiratory diseases.

Argentina’s health ministry denied that the cases were related to coronavirus, flu, or any other type of flu infection, before discovering the mysterious pneumonia. People who have come into contact with the infected are being watched but have not yet shown symptoms.

mysterious pneumonia

“All patients have some kind of comorbidity, such as smoking. [doença pulmonar obstrutiva crônica]”A history of respiratory symptoms, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure,” said Luis Medina Ruiz, Tucumán’s public health minister, at a news conference.

Doctors say the pneumonia may have been caused by a new illness, but they still need to do more tests to find out the truth. As with other infections, people who already suffer from other health conditions may have a higher risk of complications.

Source: Tec Mundo

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