The proposal tosummer time it can be a solution to higher bills, but it can also have health drawbacks.

Adhering to ‘Daylight Saving Time’ could avoid all those disturbances that result from changes in circadian rhythm due to the passage of Summer Time/Solar Time, which affect a large part of the population. The impact could be positive, especially for children who would enjoy an extra hour in the open air and thus exercise more, but despite these benefits, the permanent daylight saving time may be out of sync with the biological clock and therefore prove harmful, making the danger of negative effects on the metabolism and cardiovascular system increases up to 20%. Making solar time permanent may have even more health benefits, which on paper at least seems more in sync with our biological clocks.

Annamaria Colao, SIE President and Professor of Endocrinology at Federico II University of Naples

The risk of heart attack increases by 19%, breast cancer by 5%. The data reported as a whole therefore suggests that Italian Daylight Saving Time is becoming permanent. If we think about it, the brighter evenings would be less inclined to man’s biological clock. The latter needs darkness for the production of melatonin and for a good night’s sleep.

Source: Lega Nerd

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