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Self-driving car helps reduce collisions by 64% (video)


The University of Tokyo managed to reduce abuse on autonomous cars less than half doing something amazing: laying eyes on them. do autonomous cars with eyes they are the future?

autonomous driving It’s going to be a big change in transportation… and in the way we think about cars.

The autonomous vehicle is electric car equipped with artificial intelligence, which does not have a driver. It uses sophisticated AI-based algorithms to avoid obstacles and predict How do pedestrians walk?and other vehicles.

Self-driving car with eyes is more visible

They have been shown in numerous tests to be safer than human drivers, but they are not infallible. A flaw in the detection algorithm can lead to collision. Or, in another case, the negligence of a pedestrian, to which artificial intelligence also does not know how to respond.

The problem is that when you go to him, the pedestrian does not know what the self-driving car sees. He does not know if he found it, or by some mistake did not see, or did not see the traffic light, and jumps over it, crossing the road. In other cases, the pedestrian himself, through negligence, crosses the street without looking, or does not see the car.

The University of Tokyo is studying how to reduce accidents with autonomous vehicles and found a surprising solution: autonomous cars with eyes. You can see it in action in the introductory video of the news.

The researchers realized that eyes have a great power of attraction in people. When we have the feeling that someone is looking at us, we unconsciously become alert. And it might help reduce the number of failures.

They placed the eyes on a golf cart with the windows closed to keep the driver out of sight, simulating an autonomous vehicle. And gave him eyes.

The idea is that the eyes are coordinated with the vision of an autonomous vehiclecontrolled by artificial intelligence. in the final model the eyes will look at the area where they detect pedestrians. Thus, if the car does not look at you, the pedestrian intuitively understands that she did not see him, and will not cross the street.

The combination of these two circumstances that attract the attention of the eye and the fact that you know whether a car has seen you or not makes Pedestrians are more alert and accidents are reduced.

The team tested 9 men and 9 women, both in cars without eyes and with eyes, in situations where they looked once in one direction and sometimes in the other direction, using virtual reality in order not to endanger anyone. With a self-driving car with eyes, the number of collisions was reduced by 64%.. This is too important a figure to be left as a mere anecdote.

may be autonomous car with eyes It looks a bit ridiculous, but it shouldn’t be ruled out if you really accident rate reduced by 64%. When it comes to saving lives, this is no joke… You can read the full investigation on this site.

Source: Computer Hoy

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