E3 will return with an in-person event that aims to restore the glory of yesteryear. After learning that the organizers are planning a hybrid format for next year’s release, new details have been revealed. In accordance with GamesIndustry.biz, E3 2023 will take place from June 13 to 16, 2023. at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The organizers sent a general plan of the event, which consists of four days dedicated to business and consumers. Unlike other years E3 2023 will be strict with this division. The first two days will be used for business, the third will be a mixture of business and consumer, and the fourth and final day will be exclusive to fans.

In the next edition, the organizers They will strive to satisfy both audiences. On the one hand, they want to offer a quiet place where people from the video game industry can sit down, chat and make deals. For another, consumers will be able to access experiences similar to previous yearsvisit booths and play the latest and AAA games indie.

Event for business and games

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The division by days is interesting and necessary for those who work in the gaming or media industry. For this, The conference center will be divided into two: One half will be devoted to businesses with quiet booths and areas for coffee and conversation. The second will be the majestic South Hall we’re used to, with company booths showcasing their upcoming games.

Unlike the last face-to-face edition, E3 2023 will open its doors to users on the third and fourth day. The organizers plan to activities around the convention center, as well as game presentations that can be enjoyed in person or online. ReedPop is committed to offering things that really interest consumers.

E3 2023 is back, who cares?

The return of E3 as an in-person event may be of interest to those of us who visit the Los Angeles Convention Center one or more times. The excitement of lining up for a keynote, playing the backstage or interviewing the developers was wonderful. For the final consumer who got the ticket, the fair meant hours of waiting in line for a game minus 4 minutes, food at exorbitant prices, and such unsanitary conditions in the bathrooms that one could get infected.

The exit of companies such as Nintendo, Sony or EA has undermined the general interest, and the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a blow to an event that now seems unnecessary. At a time when the focus is on TikTok videos, Nintendo Directs and events like Summer Game Fest or The Game Awards, E3 2023 organizers will have to work twice as hard if they want to reclaim some of the glory.

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