This Monday (3), Meeting Nobelfrom the classic prize for scientists and personalities, announced the winner Nobel Prize Physiology or Medicine 2022: Swedish scientist Svante Pääbo. The researcher has published findings on the genomes of extinct hominids and human evolution.

His research is considered pioneering because Svante sequenced a teenager’s genome. Neanderthal and discovered an unknown hominidwanted seabed. In addition, the researcher gene transfer from these hominids to Homo sapiens about 70,000 years ago.

In addition to being a Nobel Prize winner, Swedish scientist will receive SEK 10 million (approximately R$ 4.6 million at current price) for the discovery of hominid genomes. An interesting fact is that in 1982, biochemist and Pääbo’s father, Sune Bergstrom, also won the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

“Earlier in his career, Svante Pääbo was fascinated by the possibility of using modern genetic methods to study Neanderthal DNA. However, he soon realized the extreme technical difficulties, because over time DNA changes chemically and breaks down into tiny fragments.

Nobel Prize in Medicine 2022

Scientist sequencing the genome information about the genetic differences that distinguish modern humans from extinct hominids – this will allow other researchers in the community to examine the mystery that makes us uniquely human. In fact, the research led to the emergence of a new scientific discipline called paleogenomics.

In ongoing research, scientists are trying to understand the implications of these genome differences as the findings reveal the implications of our extinct relatives on human physiology. To cite just one example, Neanderthal genes in humans influenced the immune response to different infections.

Source: Tec Mundo

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