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The “shoulder trick” to get out of a tight parking lot without a scratch


if you have parked in battery in a very narrow area”shoulder trick“exit from narrow parking will help you get back on the road without a single scratch and with just one maneuver. But you have to know how to apply it.

Surely more than once you spent more time looking for parkingthan arriving at your destination. Sometimes there is no other choice but to park very narrow areaeither in the middle of the street in a battery or in a regulated car park, both on the surface and in the underground construction.

In other cases, there was enough space, but another driver parked next to you and pressed too close to your car. This is a delicate situation because bad maneuver can lead to scratch car paint collision with the next vehicle or convoy.

Shoulder trick to get out of a tight square

Fortunately, there is a maneuver that will allow us to get out of the “trap” with honor and without a single scratch, according to our colleague Noelia Lopez at Auto Bild.

This trick only works if three conditions are met. First, this cars must be parked in the battery, that is, one next to the other. If they’re parked in a row, it’s useless. Second, your car must be parked. looking down the road.

Finally, the vehicle next to us that we are going to use as a reference should be at the same height as ours. If you parked a little further forward or backward, it won’t work. Although you can always move your car forward or backward, put it at the same height with one of the two standing next to it.

We start, therefore, with this situation: a narrow square, with your car parked next to another, at the same height. shoulder trick this is easy to implement in practice: you start the maneuver in a straight line and when your shoulder is in line with the nose of the car next to youyou start turning the steering wheel.

If you turn the steering wheel at the moment when your shoulder is at the height of the front of the car parked nearby and accelerate smoothly, you will leave the square without the need for additional maneuvers.

shoulder trick per get out of a tight parking lot This is easy to put into practice, but, as always, you must do it slowly and carefully, avoiding collision with nearby vehicles.

Source: Computer Hoy

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