Aesthetic medicine is revolutionizing tissue regeneration techniques. Here’s that the collagen which represents 6% of the body weight has become one of the most important procedures to correct the imperfections of theaging of the skin.

Collagen is the main structure that supports the tissues and its decline promotes the appearance of skin defects and the slackening of tissues. Replacing or replenishing collagen is not easy at all. Collagen is not easily digested in food and is not even metabolized with injections, the use of creams and other solutions into the skin.

The effective solution, on the other hand, seems to be collagen recombinant, which can integrate and function better in tissues. Here the companies have invested in the dermfiller with recombinant collagen. The basis of administration is the same as the filler. However, the action focuses on larger hydration of fabrics and stuff repair of the handkerchief with the production of new collagen.

Recombinant collagen compared to traditional collagen (which has three helices) has one single propeller. This new type of collagen provides many bonds with water molecules, improving tissue hydration. The recombinant collagen helps to maintain the environmental balance where the cells work thanks to the substances it contains. These substances participate in the synthesis of new collagen and elastin.

In the past, collagen was produced thanks to: waste from animals slaughtered, especially cattle. To overcome the limitations of animal collagen, marine collagen was used. However, in the end, it was very difficult to metabolize by the body because of its specific structure.

The road to making collagen the product of choice in the fight against skin aging is still uphill. Although recombinant collagen gives lasting results and valid, without having to do an operation. In addition, treatments with recombinant collagen dermfiller and hyaluronic acid make it possible to reverse the processes of biostimulation And bioregeneration of substances.

Source: Lega Nerd

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