The Tuscany region wants to focus on pollinating drones to speed up the oil production process and reach the most difficult areas. The project was conceived by the Olimpolli Montagnani Operational Group and funded by the Rural Development Plan 2014-2022.

Drones will fly over Tuscan olive trees disperse pollen only during flowering. A pollination that a increase from productivity. In addition, drones will enable greater profitability for the farmer by significantly reducing labor costs, wasted resources and time. The pollination project consists of two phases. In the first, the pollen collection is carried out directly by the farmer with a pollen vacuum. Then the drone will spread the collected pollen over a hectare of olive trees in a few minutes. However, it is clear that the contribution of drones is not enough to solve drought or the growing abandonment of the fields of the new generations.

This kind of technology will be able to push today’s farmers to improve production, which young nasty new ways of working in a traditional and old sector. A sector that can be modernized by providing economic and environmental benefits. Drones have and will have more and more space in agricultural activities, of which they will increasingly be the protagonists. Moreover, the Tuscany region is not new to agricultural drones. It has already used it for the careful handling of apples and kiwis.

Source: Lega Nerd

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