On the occasion of an interview with Eurogamer, the N.1 in the monetization division of twitchMike Minton, defended the controversial choice to distribution of income from donationsmove from a 70/30 ratio, favorable for streamers, to the new 50/50 split.

I want it to be very clear that my team and I have worked for a long time, 100% of our strength, to achieve the ability of streamers to monetize. We had to make a decision that would ensure the long-term resilience of this system so that everyone can earn more and that the next generation of streamers can have the same opportunities as the old guard.

We really looked at all the options on the table. We wondered: ‘Can we really make everyone the subdivision 70/30 in a broad and arbitrary way?’ The answer is no. Twitch just can’t do it, not without endangering its long-term existence

the Twitch executive explained.

“Amazon expects Twitch to stand on its own two feet and thrive as an independent and economically viable company”

Mike Minton also clarified the relationship between Twitch and Amazon. It is true that the platform is owned by the e-commerce giant, but it is equally true that it trades and is tasked with acting as a completely independent company. Amazon expects Twitch to thrive financially on its own, as a ‘independent and sustainable companyhe added.

The executive also recalled that the operation of the platform involves extremely high costs. “The other factor is the cost of live streaming,” he explains. “Providing high-definition, low-latency video available worldwide on the Internet has simply come at an exorbitant cost, and that’s what our partnership with streamers is based on.” In short, there are no free meals, so to speak. Not even on Twitch.

Source: Lega Nerd

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