TSMC presents the bill (much saltier) and Apple hesitates at first and then adapts. At stake were the 3nm chip from the Taiwanese manufacturer, which recently told Apple it has increased its price list. On average we are talking about 6% more, an increase that (and how) makes the difference in wholesale.

It seemed that Apple had shrugged and threatened to rely on the competition for its multi-million dollar stocks. But it was clearly a bluff: the bargaining power was completely in the hands of TSMC. According to the Economic Daily News, China’s nationalist newspaper, Apple would eventually renew its partner with TSMC, without making big terms. The two companies have not yet made the announcement, so it would be rumors in the press.

A drain is expected, which could affect the final price of Apple’s following products. THE wafer (as silicon wafers are called in slang) for 8-inch chips, they see a cost increase of 6%, while those for 12-inch – depending on the type – increase by a range of between 3 and 5%.

It could have been worse: According to EDN, TSMC initially considered proposing increases of up to 9% to its customers, only to decide not to pass on the increases in full to the partners. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, I have chip manufacturing costs have increased by more than 20%. It is not the first time that TSMC has felt compelled to give its customers bad news. It is clear that the end consumer is not immune: sooner or later these increases will translate into a general increase in the prices of electronic products.

Source: Lega Nerd

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