DJI announced that will no longer sell its products in Russia and Ukraine until the end of the conflict. The company said it made this decision to prevent its drones from being accused of being used for military purposes.

“DJI will temporarily suspend all its activities in Russia and Ukraine. We are currently communicating with our consumers, our partners and our members on the issue of the suspension in the areas affected by the decision ».

The conflict in Ukraine had already cost DJI a lot. In early April, MediaWorld had removed all of the Chinese company’s products from its catalog after Ukraine pointed to the ambiguous stance of DJI, which was accused of supplying its technology to the Russian military.

Meanwhile, Mediaworld has put all DJI products back on sale, probably precisely because the company had given reassurance and promised the imminent withdrawal from Ukraine and Russia.

DJI explained that its decision should not be read as a stance towards the countries currently in war, but as an affirmation of the company’s principles. “DJI rejects any use of drones to cause harm, we will suspend sales of our products to ensure our drones are not used in combat,” a DJI statement sent to Reuters reads.

Source: Lega Nerd

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