Elon Musk recently confirmed its intention to take over Twitter, and the company has officially accepted its offer, and the transfer operations will certainly be carried out in the coming months. Although the aim of the entrepreneur is clear, namely to guarantee maximum freedom of expression on the platform, it seems that obstacles can arise in this regard.

We are talking specifically about a comment from Thierry Breton of the European Union Internal Market Committee, who said the well-known entrepreneur will still have to comply with European Union rules in the fight against disinformation. There has been talk about how Musk is actually welcome, but he still has precise rules to follow. It is about being able to moderate the content of the platform to prevent the transmission of false information, and to prohibit advertisements related to minors and certain ethnic groups, political affiliations, religions and sexual orientations.

Sites must also share how their systems work, offer alternatives and share data with researchers, with some particularly hefty fines and a possible territorial ban that can be enforced after rules are not followed properly. Currently Elon Musk, however, did not perform any operationsand these are just healthy warnings that he should remember when he decides to take action on the platform.

The fact that Tesla’s main character wants to reduce censorship is undoubtedly an excellent point of view, even if there are not a few who have decided to leave the platform after the acquisition has been confirmed by the entrepreneur. We talked about it in this article and explained how many leftists have expressed their disappointment.

Source: Lega Nerd

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