The mission Artemis NASA is (maybe) ready for launch. The next attempt must be set for the Nov 14, according to space agency reports. But at that time traffic to the Moon can be more intense than usual because even aJapanese Private Company he decided to start the mission between 9 and 15 November M1.

The Japanese company ispace want to send a landerwhich is a platform with various instruments on board, via a Falcon 9 rocket from the SpaceX. A 10 kg rover made by the United Arab Emirates called Rashid.

The M1 mission is part of the program called HAKUTO-R that aims to provide a “transport” to the Earth satellite to anyone who wishes. The next mission, M2already scheduled for 2024 while Ispace is working on the mission M3.

It will take Mq about 3 months to arrive near the moon as it will be placed in orbit that will allow it to harness the moon’s gravity to reach the target. Ispace employed about 20 employees in 2010, while it now has 200 highly qualified employees spread across Japan, Europe and the United States.

Source: Lega Nerd

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