Straight from his official blog, YouTube has announced a very rich package of news. Users have more control over videos by allowing them to zoom in on images or view a specific frame with extreme precision.

The first novelty, tested a few weeks ago, is called pinch to zoom. As the name suggests, it allows you to zoom in on videos and analyze a specific part of the image. It works intuitively: just use your thumb and forefinger to enlarge the image, as we are used to with photos.

Another interesting feature allows you to video frame by frame. Just tap the video progress slider and select the frame that interests us. Isolating a specific scene from a video is becoming much easier and more accurate than in the past.

YouTube has also made several interface changes, among other things, all inspired by material you. Links in descriptions now appear as buttons. In addition, the subscribe, like, share and download buttons have been revised to minimize distractions. And then there’s the new one ambient mode: The area around the player fades the prevailing colors of the video being played to black. A trick that makes displaying content even more fun.

Source: Lega Nerd

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