The first saw the light bee hotel, exactly in Scarperia in Mugello, in Florence. It has a three-by-three meter structure to create an ideal place for bees. These poor insects are threatened by pesticides and sudden climate changes. Also a way to help it reproduction.

The project sees the collaboration between Sanpellegrino, Federparchi and Scuola Sant’Anna of Pisa. It is part of the project “The source of the biodiversity of Acqua Panna”, a historical company that is part of the Sanpellegrino group. It is a hotel made of wood and bamboo sticks, bark and perforated wood to keep bees and butterflies during the day. Sanpellegrino is the first to be launched in Italy R-Pet bottles. He created with Federparchi small habitat sandy and bare soil to encourage bee reproduction.

Acqua Panna’s source of biodiversity is part of the group’s wider commitment to protecting and enhancing areas and resources where our waters flow. We started with the census and monitoring of the flora and fauna in the beautiful Acqua Panna reserve: today we are making this activity concrete through the first project to protect biodiversity.

Stefano Marini, CEO of Sanpellegrino

After all, the Bee Hotel could only have been born in Tuscany, as this region is the third in Italy for the number of beekeepers.

Source: Lega Nerd

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