a place of biodiversity where flower meadows grow in spring, new trees and a nesting house for swallows. He was born Refuge in the forest sought by Mutti, a stone’s throw from the company in Montechiarugolo, in the province of Parma.

Mutti’s commitment to sustainability has distant roots, starting with crop rotation at the beginning of the twentieth century. Today we are carrying out this renaturalization project, which concerns the land around the factories, in the north and south of Italy. The Rifugio nel Bosco is part of this project, a house for swallows has been built around the plant to create an environment of biodiversity that can make the place hospitable to the fauna.

Michele Laterza, Mutti responsible for sustainability

A touch of sustainability with trees planted and installation of nest in the cottage ready to welcome swallows and martins in spring. All this gave birth to the Rifugio nel Bosco which was inaugurated with great satisfaction.

Shrubs of native species of the Po Valley have been inserted into the area. Then they are planted pasture flowers rich in essences that are able to de insects such as honey bees and others valid for agriculture. Mutti will also take care of those who have land but without economic funds to renaturalize it, to give biodiversity to all necessary areas.

Source: Lega Nerd

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