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Tumblr to Allow Artistic Nude Images on Its Platform


A common thing when using Tumblr is to search for some background from screen cool for him iphone or a computer: galaxies, drawings, cars… anything goes, except what the platform considers pornographic or sexual. Or so it has been until now. Here’s how it differs from Instagram and other similar services.

tumblr carried out an update (already rumored in September) that changes its rules to allow nudity but not sexually explicit images on the platform. In this sense, Pornhub has already tried to take a similar step.

Today, the company updated its community guidelines. establishing a set of norms that is inconsistent with their previous permissive attitude towards sexualitybut formally allows a wider range of images, which goes against Instagram’s suggestion.

We now accept a wider range of self-expression, creativity, and art on Tumblr, including content depicting the human form (including the nude human figure). So, even if your creations contain nudity, mature or sexual themes, you can now share them on Tumblr using the appropriate tag.“, the message says.

Sexual art yes, porn no: this will make it different from Instagram

Of course, pornography as such will remain banned, as this line explains: “Visual depictions of explicit sexual activity are still banned on Tumblr.If you wanted pornographic wallpapers on your iPhone, you’re out of luck.

The Help Center post and Community Guidelines provide more details. They say that “text, images and videos containing nudity, offensive language, sexual or adult themes” allowed on Tumblr, but “visual images of explicit sexual acts“They are not.

The exception is “historically significant art found in a conventional museum that depicts sexual acts“, although it should be tagged with adult content or “sexual themes” so that users can filter it from their page.

Nudity and other adult material is encouraged. We’re not here to judge your art, we’re just asking you to add the community tag to your mature content.“, ends the Tumblr post.

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