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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Starlink will introduce a “data limit” from December: this is how it works

Starlink will introduce a “data limit” from December: this is how it works


One of the projects of SpaceX In recent months, Starlink satellites have grown the most, a way to provide internet to any part of the world and even a tool that is strategically used in events like the war in Ukraine.

Today there are almost 40,000 transmission satellites star link in orbit, in a SpaceX project that continues to grow, which may not be that beneficial to users, because as the infrastructure becomes more congested due to more clients, certain restrictions will be placed on the use of data.

There is no doubt that Starlink has many advantages such as receiving Internet anywhere, even in the future for our cars, but this project Elon Musk He just announced something you won’t like: limited bandwidth.

If Elon Musk promised unlimited bandwidth when he launched Starlink, users will now have 1TB of monthly data usage in priority access and once they reach that threshold, they will have basic access for the rest of the month.


What is a Starlink satellite?

Starlink just sent out an email to users in the US and Canada in which they announced a new policy called “fair use.” Users will start each month with “priority access” and if they exceed the 1TB data threshold, they will enter what’s called “basic access” for the remainder of the monthly billing period. All this will take effect from December.

What does “basic access” mean?

The question is to know what “basic access” means, but it looks like it will be given a lower priority in terms of speed, which can result in worse performance compared to those clients that are in priority access and have not passed this threshold. . .

Starlink clarifies that the data used outside of peak hours, in particular, from 23:00 to 07:00, not counted in this monthly 1 TB priority group.

They note that only 10% of current Starlink users exceed this data limit, so most should not be concerned.

In order for the user to control their data usage, they are going to introduce data usage monitoring through the user account pages so they can keep track of how close they are to the assigned limit.

This does not mean that we no longer have unlimited bandwidth, but rather that by transferring 1 TB of data usage in one month, we will enter a kind of second division, which will have speeds slightly lower than those of priority access.

Source: Computer Hoy

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