These days the sky in many places in Spain is filled with those typical traces of condensate left behind by aircraft. And how could it be otherwise, conspiracy theorists hastened to warn that this chemical tracestraces of chemical products that reveal secret fumigationeither to control the climate, or to sterilize the population, or to control our minds. In the media they are clear, the goal depends on the conspirator. However, there is absolutely no evidence that what they say is true. In fact, if so many of these contrails have been seen lately, it’s simply because weather favorable for their education.

And it’s that seeing them is not enough with aircraft flight. The atmosphere must have the right temperature and humidity for the formation of those small ice crystals that cause contrails. Also, if we add some wind to it, they can spread out, pulling wider and more visible bands in the sky.

So if the frequency cotton white lines above our heads, it is logical to assume that atmospheric conditions are changing, favoring both their formation and their maintenance for a longer time. This is called an anticyclone (among other possible situations), not chemtrails.

First contrails in the sky

Contrails are clouds of ice crystals that form when water vapor emitted by an aircraft condenses. To make it happen the temperature must be low enough and the humidity high enough. In addition, other factors come into play, such as atmospheric pressure. In fact, such phenomena form at the ends of the wings of aircraft precisely because when they pass, there is a sharp drop in pressure and temperature, causing steam to condense.

Therefore, the first contrails in the sky were observed not from the first aircraft, but from the first ones that flew high enough to have such barometric and temperature conditions. It was, therefore, early 20th century. However, at first they were seen as nothing more than something curious.

Initially, the problem arose with World War I and then with the Second, as its appearance betrayed the passage of fighters. For this reason, military scientists have become look for an explanation. And not only this. Also some way to prevent the conditions under which they are most likely.

So, in 1953, an American scientist named H. Appleman developed a graph that established under what conditions of pressure and temperature contrails would form. Three states are described: safe wake formation, possible wake formation, or no wake formation. This could be achieved, for example, by changing the altitude at which the aircraft flies.

Appleman diagram

At that time, therefore, traces of condensatealso known as contrails, were considered a problem of military strategy. But not a chemical hazard. This happened to the chemtrail conspiracy much later.

Chemtrails: the birth of a conspiracy

There was no talk of chemtrails until 90swhen two documents encouraging the conspiracy were released. On the one hand, as explained Smithsonian magazinein 1991 a patent for the process was published seeds in the atmosphere superior particles that reflect sunlight to avoid the effects of global warming. Something good, if possible. Later, in 1996, the US Air Force published a report that talked about how the military could develop. weather change technologies by 2025.

Both papers together planted the seeds of chemtrails. Many people have been launched to warn that if technology were possible, could have started. And for them, the evidence that this was happening was traces of condensate. According to these people, contrails from aircraft should be much shorter and less bright. The issue of brightness is perhaps more subjective, but duration in the sky is much more measurable.

Presumably, chemical trails are contrails that remain long time in heaven. They are becoming more and more common. But, in fact, they have nothing to do with any fumigation.

scientific explanation

Contrails persist in the sky more or less depending primarily on air humidity. The higher it is, the longer it will last. In fact, according to the State Meteorological Agency, three types of contrails contrails.

First calls short-lived contrails, practically disappear when the aircraft leaves. They occur when the air humidity is too low to encourage the formation of ice crystals from water vapor. Second type persistent contrails that do not propagate. They stay in the sky much longer, sometimes for hours. However, they have a more or less fixed size that does not expand. This happens when the air humidity is much higher. And finally, if even higher, then the contrails are so stable that may expand due to slight turbulence effect. Therefore, they not only last a long time, but can also be extended. This will be the third type.

This debunks the conspiracy theory that long-lived contrails are actually chemical trails. But this is not enough for those who believe in it. They also believe that since they started fumigating us, the appearance of these contrails coincides with the discovery of high levels of substances such as barium, aluminum, calcium and strontium on land and water in areas under its influence.

The study that changed the situation

This is what was considered in a study published in 2016. a panel of 77 atmospheric science and geochemistry experts about the origin of chemtrails. On the one hand, they were asked if they had ever uncovered evidence of a possible secret chemtrail-based fumigation program. 76 of them answered in the negative. As for the other, he indicated that in a certain place he found high barium for which he had no explanation. Since he did not know how to explain it, he suggested that it could be chemical traces. However, he could not prove that this was the case either.

On the other hand, in the same study, they provided the experts pond sediment, snow and air samples, presumably contaminated by the chemtrail effect. However, they showed that from 80% to 89% of which could be explained by simple and well-known phenomena. As for the rest, again it must be borne in mind that the fact that they have no simple explanation does not necessarily mean that they come from fumigation.

But besides all this, there is something else that we must consider. And this is what, as he explained in Talk professor at the University of Castile-la-Mancha, Enrique Sanchez Sanchezif they tried to carry out these fumigations, it would be very difficult, because failed to accurately fumigate. This is due to winds and turbulence in the atmosphere. Since if a leaf falls from a tree we cannot know exactly where it will land, it would be impossible to get this information from an aircraft flying at an altitude of 10 kilometers. In addition, he recalls that a huge number of aircraft would be needed to fumigate the population. And all this in such a way that no one found anything but supposed chemtrails!


If it’s not chemtrails, what’s going on?

It is clear that more and more of these lines are visible in the sky. This can cause fear in many people. We must not forget that, apart from those who like to spread conspiracies that they themselves do not believe in, most people are simply afraid and unaware of it. Throw it can happen to any of us.

If we encounter such cases, the best way to reassure them is to explain that there is actually an explanation for the problem. contrails increase which has nothing to do with chemtrails. On the one hand, in recent years there have been changes in jet engine technology which can lead to the formation of contrails. On the other hand, every time more air trafficthereby increasing the likelihood of their occurrence. And, in addition, atmospheric changes caused by changing of the climate they can make them stay in the sky longer.

Finally, it may be related to air pollution. In order for ice crystals to form, they need a core. This nucleus can be any particle in the air. However, the more pollution, the more particles. If, in addition, there is a lot of moisture, water vapor will continue to be added to these crystals as they form, and each time they will be larger and more stable.

So we’re posting the alert in the wrong place. Footprints are nothing to worry about. But climate change and pollution do. Throw this has absolutely nothing to do with a dastardly fumigation plan. Climate change is brewing right under our noses and it’s really worrying. Let’s try to focus on this.

Source: Hiper Textual

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