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Startup Lucid Motors beats Tesla in electric autonomy, end of dominance?


Lucic Motors This is a modern American company that already in 2021 positioned itself as the third most valuable brand of electric vehicles on the stock market. This year 2022 aims to produce over 20,000 vehicles with modern technologies and focusing primarily on luxury sedans.

According to the analysis carried out stockapss, run American has greater autonomy of the world in electric vehicles: total 832 kmcompared to the best Tesla model, with almost 160 km less.

In particular, comparisons were made between Lucid Air Dream R Four wheel drive and Tesla Model S. The first has battery 118 kWh with autonomy 7.08 km/kWhwhile the company’s car production Elon Musk with battery 100 kWh is in 1.60 km/kWh.

In fact, in the ranking of electric vehicles with the largest range of autonomy, the first two positions belong to Lucid vehicles, followed by vehicles such as Bordrin iEV7, Akfoks AT 653 and close the rating Tesla Model S and Mercedes EQS 450 Plus.

Headquarters of Lucid Motors.

Lucid Motors

However, despite Lucid Motors’ achievements and successes in electric vehicles, Elon Musk didn’t seem to be impressed with the autonomy he says they could have included in their cars over a year ago, but did it for a reason. ‘ degrade the product. Let’s say, keeping in mind the balance price D weight cars.

In addition, at the economic level, there is still no way to compare these two companies. Tesla increased net profit in 2021 before $5.5 billionwhile in its first year of listing, Lucid Motors, a Newark-based brand lost nearly $3,000 million in their annual exercises.

Nothing worrisome, given that they were just getting started and that Tesla was also in serious financial trouble at the time until it had a coherent product.

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Source: Computer Hoy

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