Currently having ejaculation in space seems unnecessary. After all, astronauts go there to work, and no one uses their workplace for sex … Well, yes, they do. But we agree that this is not a priority. However, one of humanity’s biggest ambitions is the colonization of other planets. If this is so, then we will talk about a long stay outside the Earth. Rooms in which, in fact, sex it may be necessary for the preservation of the human species. But is it possible to get an erection and ejaculate in places like the International Space Station?

The truth is there were quite a few fertility research in space. Most of them fall into three categories. There are studies in which frozen sperm has been sent into space and proven to be viable back to Earth. This was usually done with mice, but also with other animals, including humans. Microgravity was also simulated by hanging mice by their tails. On the other hand, there are studies that analyze the fertility of mice or other species after being off our planet. But that doesn’t mean they had sex in space. They didn’t even reach ejaculation.

In fact, the topic of sex in space is quite taboo. Precisely because it is not known how dangerous pregnancy can be, there is an unwritten law that prohibits married astronauts from traveling together. For this reason, when in 1992 Mark Lee and Ian Davis were chosen to carry out the mission on the shuttle Endeavor, they had to hide their position. They fell in love while working at NASA, and recently they were secretly married. Everything became known later, but no one knows if they had sex. It would be great to be able to ask Mark if he managed to ejaculate, but we have already seen that this is a rather taboo topic. So, if questions cannot be asked, we have no other choice but to turn to science.

The importance of arousal before ejaculation

On Earth, on the International Space Station, or on the Moon, the ideal place to ejaculate is something that previously excitation.

However, some astronauts dared to admit that decreased libido. At least in the first weeks. Some scientists believe that this may be due to a drop in testosterone levels. However, there is some controversy in this regard, as there are studies that have not found differences in testosterone levels in astronauts before and during their flight into space. After his return, it has decreased, but at the moment it is no longer our concern.

There is controversy regarding how space travel affects testosterone levels.

As for ejaculation itself, we must not forget that it involves fluid release. And it’s not easy. In fact, you just need to watch the famous astronaut video Chris Hadfield in whom, when crying, tears accumulate in the eyes, but do not completely come out. Well, actually he was feigning with water, but if it were real tears, the result would be the same. Therefore, one would expect that sperm will also accumulate around the penis.

On the other hand, own erection it would be difficult. And this happens because during arousal large amounts of blood around the penis. Later it accumulates in peculiar chambers called cavernous bodies, creating this characteristic stiffness. However, according to the physicist Javier Santaolalla In a video on his YouTube channel, in microgravity, blood tends to accumulate mainly in the peripheral areas of the body. This will leave the penis less supplied with blood flow, so installation will be more difficult..

But what about sexual intercourse?

At the moment, all this would make even simple masturbation difficult. But what happens if they also want to keep sexual intercourse with another person?

It’s also not clear how easy it is. After all, for two people penetrative sex gravity is more necessary than we think. Helps bodies anchor and perform these characteristics comes and goes, not separated from each other. If a couple tries to have sex in space, it will be impossible to move without moving further and further apart. They could tie one body to another, but that would also make movement difficult. And it would be a little strange, everything is said.

Microgravity does not allow two people to have sex without moving away from each other.

But there is a solution, although it is still a little alarming. It was suggested by the astronaut Ulrich Walter as a science fiction writer Harry Stein in their respective books about life in space. Both refer to curious tactics in which support will be achieved thanks to the third astronaut. In addition, they may change position and we will face the rarest trio in history.

In any case, in order for this to happen, a person had to both erection and ejaculation. And that he and the female astronaut were sufficiently flustered. For now, it’s worth remembering that most research on human sex hormones in space has focused on testosterone, largely because the vast majority of astronauts are still male. Yes, there are more and more women, but the proportion is still very unequal. When you add to this that some people take birth control to avoid menstruating during their time in space, it becomes even more difficult to know if they can get aroused.

What is clear is that many factors must come together and that they all quite complex. But hey, of course, if an official experiment is done in this regard, the astronauts participating in it will put a lot of effort into it.

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