Tesla problems: some of their cars have malfunctions when using airbags

What does it have to do with the market for those currently using electric power, if there are some advanced cars in this regard, these are tesla. The company created by Elon Musk has become an absolute reference, but this does not mean that there are some problems with the vehicles it produces. One example is the one spotted in Model X.

According to the known data, the models of the car types we commanded were produced between years of years. 2021 and 2022 (especially manufactured ones) United States of America), there is a malfunction in operation airbags. For this reason, they were called to repair to solve what happened. In other words, we are talking about a safety failure that Tesla cars present in the event of a collision while driving at low speed.

A bug that needs to be fixed, but not critical

Number of cars recalled for repair in the Tesla Model X range about 30,000 thousand, that is, we are talking about a significant part of what is produced in the factories of the company. The important point is that you should continue to review and fix the included airbags, because when a collision occurs they are not optimal if you don’t go too fast – which can lead to unnecessary injury.

Steering wheel of Tesla car


Of course, the company stated that there are currently no users affected by the detected issue. NHTSA (US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). It is important to note that the affected security systems belong to: passengers, not having proper calibration. This way, drivers are not affected, but those in the rest of the cars.

Tesla has already taken steps in production

It is very important to make this clear: the company owned by Elon Musk reported that the new Model X, which came out of the US factories, received the necessary modifications. calibrated The number of airbags is appropriate. Therefore, they are not affected by the problems that lead to a repair call.

This adds to the detection of some software problems. Tesla Model 3 and Model Y which makes the illumination of the taillights of some units inadequate. In this case, too, the solution is via a direct update from the company’s servers to the cars that may be affected.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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