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A17 Bionic could make iPhone 15 the most expensive iPhone ever


Mobile phone prices have risen in recent years, making it no longer unusual to go over the thousand-euro barrier. Cell phones Mansana they usually have a label that isn’t for all budgets and basically it doesn’t look like this will change, maybe even that iPhone 15 be even more expensive.

Yes, purchasing an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, or iPhone 14 Pro Max is an expense that few people can afford. Apple does not seem to show any concern about this situation and, in fact, recent rumors suggest that the A17 Bionic will make the iPhone 15 the most expensive iPhone ever..

The reason the iPhone 15 could be the most expensive iPhone ever is because of the processor. The component that makes everything work inside the phone will cause the price of this new device to rise, but why will this particular processor be more expensive than the previous ones?

The answer lies in the construction process and the company that decides to produce these components.. If there is any doubt, Apple does not manufacture its processors, as, indeed, the vast majority of companies do. This task is delegated to companies such as TSMC.


Unboxing the iPhone 14 Pro

Users will pay more for the iPhone 15, and the A17 Bionic processor will be to blame

It is logical to assume that the price increase will also affect the rest of the terminals of this new family: Pro, Plus and Pro Max. Of course, the increase will be more noticeable in the base model, since it is usually within lines that make it more attractive to the average user who doesn’t need what the Pro and Pro Max model offers.

This is not news that surprises anyone, Apple has been raising prices for its hardware for several years due to the production cost of new processors. This has already been seen in 2020 with the production of processors at 5 nanometers. and that involved a cost of $16,000 to users and even to Apple.

Now a jump from 5 to 3 nanometers would mean a much higher figure. and this can only be estimated at the moment. According to reports, the cost will mean a price increase that will cost both users and Apple $20,000. Of course, the A17 Bionic is expected to be a beast, so at least the performance and optimization is guaranteed.

Source: Computer Hoy

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