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The world’s first solar-powered city car costs only 6,250 euros (video)


In recent years, we have seen several prototype solar-powered vehicles, but Detachment Solar City Car This world’s first solar-powered city car which will be put up for sale.

On a sunny summer day guarantees up to 20 free kilometers of solar powered autonomyso you can go to work, university or children’s school and back for free.

On a standard day, you can offer up to 12 kilometers of solar autonomy. And if you need more includes removable electric batteries which extend autonomy to 100 km. Here you can see it in action:


[CH] The world’s first solar-powered city car

The Squad Solar City Car is actually a two seater light quad., with removable doors. Thus, it can be driven without a driver’s license.

Them two electric motors of 2 kW located on the rear wheels provide maximum speed 45 km/h, with the aforementioned range of 20 km on solar power and 100 km on batteries. You can take them home and plug them into any outlet or let them charge from the solar panels on the hood.

This compact solar vehicle measures only 2 x 1.2 x 1.6 meters, you can park anywhere. And, despite its small size, it has a laptop holder for the passenger and space for two cup holders, as well as a Bluetooth speaker.

At the rear, there’s 63 liters of free space to haul anything, which increases to 243 liters when the passenger seat is removed.

world’s first solar-powered city car, Detachment Solar City Carwill go on sale in 2023. It can now be booked on the website from 6 250 euros more taxes.

The Dutch company’s ATV is the first, but we suspect that in the future we will see many hybrid vehicles that will use both electric and solar energy, just like we have electric and fuel hybrids today.

Source: Computer Hoy

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