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31 tech news to start your morning up to date


The European Union has proposed that USB Type C is a universal connector. for all devices… up to two years. Things are moving slowly.

Samsung has announced UFS 4.0 mobile storage memorytwice as fast as the current ones.

Movistar is ditching all of its Fusion plans and launching miMovistar. a single customizable rate to which you add only what interests you.

Listen to “Episode 2×16 – Analysis of POCO F4 GT and OnePlus Nord CE 2” on Spreaker.

technology news

Elon Musk will file charges against some Twitter users: are you among the victims? Read news

Excuses are over: European Union sets date for USB-C to become universal standard. Read news

Bill Gates spoke about buying Twitter: “I would not underestimate Elon Musk.” Read news

Movistar Fusion Says Goodbye to miMovistar with New Flexible Plans. Read news

What is Magniber and how to detect the big threat for Windows 10 users. Read the news


“Delete for All” is a new WhatsApp option you’ll love. Read news

Samsung announces UFS 4.0 memory: twice as fast as the current standard. Read news

The specifications of the Nothing (1) phone and its release date have been leaked online. Read news

computers and tablets

The new generation of AMD will appear in 2022 and will force gamers to change RAM. Read news

Apple M1 chips were not reliable: researchers found their first major security vulnerability. Read news

Apple M1 processors

Microsoft confirms screenshot issue for Windows 10 users. Read news

Arduino Uno and How to Choose the Best Arduino Starter Kit to Get Started. read the report

Safe ways to remove a USB drive from Windows 11 without risking its contents. Read news

Steps to follow if your webcam is not working in Windows 11. read the textbook


How to get a refund if you sent the wrong Bizum. Read news

How to find out your Gmail password. Read news

Why is your WiFi connection never as fast as your carrier promised you? Read news

entertainment and games

11 tricks when you go to Netflix and don’t know what to watch. Read news

The new Obi-Wan Kenobi trailer is the perfect way to celebrate May 4th.. Read news


New trailer in Spanish for Obi-Wan Kenobi

All series and new seasons canceled by Netflix in 2022.. Read news

Samsung’s new TVs and soundbars will hit showrooms this 2022. Read news

Samsung QN900B Neo QLED TV

Samsung QN900B Neo QLED TV.


Dead Space 2, The Curse of Monkey Island, Cat Quest and other free games from Prime Gaming. Read news


Qualcomm is winning the battle to make millions of cars around the world smart. Read news

Android Auto without Google in Mercedes cars: partnership with Aptoide makes it possible. Read news

science and culture

This is how long we have to wait for an encounter with an alien civilization. Read news

Researchers are developing a haptic device for your VR headset that creates mouthfeel. Read news


Researchers are developing a haptic device for your VR headset that creates mouthfeel.

NASA to send artificial women’s bodies to the Moon for the first time to test astronauts’ radiation levels. Read news

A new brain implant appears to reverse the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Read news

Sunflower Seeds: Health Benefits That Will Surprise You. Read news

What is my main health area? Read news

Curiosities of the day

What will happen if you break an egg at a depth of 20 meters will surprise you (video). Read news


[CH] Crack an egg at a depth of 20 meters

It was roundup of technology news of the day. Have a nice day!

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