Canada is usually news for very few things. But in this case, a calm and peaceful North American country is being brought to the forefront to pass a law that will allow prosecution of crimes committed on the moon. And also in the rest of space, on the International Space Station or anywhere else where a person arrives outside the Earth. In particular, the decision taken by Canada indicates that any crime on its territory will be a crime in space.

This decision is connected with an amendment to the space law, which is already in the country. The Canadian House of Commons approved the proposal last April, which was successful after mandatory approval and is expected to receive a green light later this month. Thus, Canada extends its criminal jurisdiction to outer space.

For all astronauts? The clarifications of the House of Commons concern only crew members with Canadian passports. This means that if a pilot from this country fails due to inaction or a punishable act, he will be penalized as if he had done so in Canadian territory. If a local astronaut commits murder on the moon – regardless of the nationality of the victim – he will be prosecuted under the same laws as in Canada. In addition to the complex international confusion that this will entail. The image is very reminiscent of fantasy for all mankind from AppleTV+. And this is not far from what can happen in reality.

In any case, this is not the first time that a country’s national legislation extends to space. Already in 1998, as a consequence of the multiculturalism of the International Space Station, NASA approved that the countries that are part of the consortium can extend its jurisdiction to the international space headquarters. However, the new amendment expands Canada’s capabilities to the Moon as well. Territory which, from 1967 until the conclusion of the United Nations Outer Space Treaty, must remain outside national military interests and be the subject of peaceful investigation. You also could not claim ownership of outer space. That was over half a century ago, and international tensions, with Russia already leaving the International Space Station, pushed the space race to the fore. Also the interest of protecting the safety of their compatriots.

Canada claims space exploration

At all, Canada has never been one of the most active countries in the space race.. As a junior partner on the International Space Station, he has always kept a low profile. Until now. With the start of the space race now in the hands of billionaires, Canada wants to resume its role in space conquest. Following in the footsteps of Bezos with Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic or Elon Musk’s SpaceX, the calmest country in the world wants to take a stand.

And they seem to have very clear goals: the next construction of the Moon Gate. An international project, in which Canada also participates, to build a circumlunar space station. And also the fact that in the medium term it is able to create a base on the surface of the moon. Thus, Canada’s space criminal law update is at least interested in playing a leading role in what happens on our satellite.

Source: Hiper Textual

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