It seems so tesla The company has a surprise for users who want to own a car of this brand, but do not want to pay the amount that all the models created by Elon Musk currently have. According to new data that has emerged, the company is working on a launch. Cheapest Model YAnd that’s great news for many.

We’re talking about an SUV type vehicle that will attack the product range, and that’s how it is. Every corner where Tesla sells. In other words, it will not be limited to markets such as Europe or Asia, and this new variant of the most successful of all cars produced by the famous manufacturer will also be available in North America. That is, the bet is total and for all places and users.

What is known about this new Tesla car

One thing that seems pretty clear is that the new model (information source, claims just before the summer of the year it was released) will be produced, which could go on sale at some point in 2023 in the same year. the Texas factoryso we are talking about a complex that provides and uses a large number of components. supply in the most demanding quantities That Elon Musk’s company works with.

Red Tesla Model Y


One of the biggest changes to what is known as Model YA AWD, different battery regarding its charge: 4680 cells would be. This had been speculating for a while that it could be part of a new SUV from the company, but the information has been in vain… so far. according to the data we have the capacity to supply 1,000 units per week With this component meeting Tesla’s requirements for putting the car on sale, it would generally keep the rest of the elements nearly the same – but with some minor differences in the finish.

Possible price of the new Model Y

When it comes to seeing the price of a Model Y – you can buy it on the web if you’re convinced – the data is taken from the configurator Tesla offers. The point we’re talking about is about $61,990, so we’re talking about an excellent discount… ideal for 2023 – because overall prices have increased in almost all areas. We will have to see some important details such as the autonomy of the new cheap Tesla model, but it can easily exceed 450 kilometers. If so, it could be an excellent purchase and if everything is confirmed, this is a whole deal from the manufacturer.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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