One of the things users have requested for years What’s up?What competitors like Telegram and Telegram have long allowed is that the messaging app can be used locally and officially on devices like the one below. tablets. The company is known to try to present this by implementing a system. multi deviceand according to what is known, developments in this area are important.

The reason we say this is because the new trial version of whatsapp for android operating system. Surprisingly and unexpectedly, it offers something that is irrefutable proof that it won’t be long before you can use the app on tablets. This is nothing more than the possibility of independently configuring one of these devices and performing a simple configuration process, as well as stable and efficient. Great news, no doubt.

Everything is almost ready on WhatsApp

Continuing to install the application on a tablet, the process ends correctly, as indicated in the information source. Accepted as a team Assistive Device, so the phone does not work and works smoothly even if it is connected to the Internet. The point here is that the connection process is not a secret, because a QR codeon computers as usual.

WhatsApp sync QR on a tablet


Once this is done and the data in your account such as messages and multimedia content are synchronized, you can start using WhatsApp on the tablet. without the slightest problem. In other words, conversions are managed normally and notifications never fail. Of course there is something that needs improvement: The UI has not yet been fully adapted to big screens, as you only see it on mobile, but it has been stretched. It can be expected that options such as sections that allow you to view chats while managing someone in the area on the right will be presented in the same window. However, this is something that shouldn’t be particularly complicated.

Do you want to try this option? this is how you will get it

To the surprise of some, it is possible to download the required version of WhatsApp in APK format, which is unstable on the Windows operating system. To do this, if you meet the requirements listed on the download page, you can proceed with the installation and check for yourself. everything is advanced most complex in terms of connection and synchronization. Therefore, it shouldn’t take long for the version of WhatsApp for tablets to become a reality.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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