Since its meteoric world premiere on December 15, the film has Avatar: The Way of Water has already brought crowds to cinemas around the world. Set in the same world as Pandora, the story takes place more than a decade after the first movie, and Sully follows her family in wild chases in the sky, in the depths of the ocean, and in the planet’s zero gravity environments.

One problem reported by many moviegoers is that the 3 hours and 12 minutes of experience that has been promised to be immersive since the first movie is literally dizzying. with throbbing headaches and nausea making some people rush to movie theaters.

In addition to the hypnotic properties of the new visual effects of 3D technology, this unpleasant response can also be attributed to the HFR (High Frame Rate) technique, which accelerates the transition to show more fluid images (without shaky scenes). between them. While conventional film displays 24 frames per second, this speed reaches 48 frames per second (FPS). avatar.

Avatar and motion sickness, motion sickness

talk to SlopeFrom the Uol portal, Alan Luiz Eckeli, professor of Neurology at the USP, explains that although theoretically the increase in FPS gives the vision a better perception of fluidity, when the speed exceeds 30 frames per second, the perceptual capacity of the person reaches saturation.

The result, which can be aggravated by prolonged use of 3D glasses, is motion sickness or motion sickness, which occurs with or without vomiting in some passively moving people. This is the person in a car at traffic lights, for example. The feeling that you are going backwards when the car next to you is going a little forward.

How to avoid feeling motion sickness in Avatar 2?

Motion sickness occurs in some people When the brain receives conflicting information vision, inner ear and peripheral nerves in relation to body movement (proprioception).

Here are some tips to avoid this confusion:

  • Close one eye (RealD 3D glasses even work with one eye);
  • Sit no further than the center of the viewing room;
  • Fix your gaze on the focused part of the screen and avoid blurry elements;
  • Finally, Do not remove the 3D glasses! While it may seem like a good idea, constantly changing and re-adjusting your eyes only makes things worse.

Source: Tec Mundo

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