Instagram studies the possibility of revolutionizing the user interface. In a new test the user feed appears completely transfigured, with a look very similar to TikTok. The content appears full screenwithout a frame that makes the look heavy.

Also the current 1:1 aspect ratio, i.e. a square that characterized the app, is missing. Photos and videos appear on vertical development and are therefore much higher and centered. Adam Mosseri, #1 on Instagram, confirmed the existence of the test by posting a video on social media.

It’s interesting because Instagram hasn’t always announced it publicly in the past test, especially if, as in this case, the change was only made for a limited number of users. The fact that the test has been made public could mean that Instagram strongly believes in this new interface and, in other words, that the new feed could soon be launched worldwide for all users.

Not only does the aspect ratio of images and videos change. The content caption no longer appears below the message, but on top of the bottom of the image.

There new interface it also seems to want to give more weight to video content, which has become increasingly important in Instagram’s strategy in recent years – with the obvious goal of replicating TikTok’s success.

Source: Lega Nerd

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