According to The Elec, LG Display is considering adding micro lenses to its OLED panels for televisions. This allows the light to be better directed at the viewer, resulting in higher brightness and lower power consumption. The technology will be implemented in the production process this year at the earliest.

LG Display says it’s currently capable of producing displays with up to 800 nits of brightness. Thanks to the combination of OLED EX (+30%) and micro lenses (+20%), the display manufacturer was able to achieve 1,200 nits of brightness.

Oled EX stands for oled Evolution and eXperience.

With Oled EX, deuterium replaces hydrogen in blue organic substances. Thanks to the longer service life that comes with this, it is possible to increase the brightness even more. Production of OLED EX panels will begin in the second quarter of this year.

Source: Elec

Source: Hardware Info

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