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Twitter is preparing new ways to interact with replies to tweets


The changes Twitter has been undergoing in recent weeks have been pretty drastic, but the truth is that the social network seems to be in great shape. This can be noted by the fact that recently there have been a number of leaks and rumors about what awaits us in the future in the social network of a small blue bird.

And that Elon Musk’s purchase seems like just an arc in the history of Twitter. The important thing about this social network and above all about the platform itself are the features that it integrates so that users can post and comment in a completely satisfactory way.

Of course, many of these changes that are coming to the platform may not make much sense or may seem like a way to grab the attention of users who interact less and less on the social network. The last thing that was noticed is rather curious and at the same time does not make any sense..


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The news comes from a tweet posted by Jane Manchun Wong, which was echoed by Digital Trends. This tweet shows a capture in which various options appear in the menu that appears when someone wants to retweet and, now, there would be another option.

Usually in this menu you can simply retweet a tweet or do it by adding a comment. Now in this menu there would be an opportunity to create a space about a tweet. Yes, Twitter staff will focus on a new feature to allow users to create a kind of instant podcast.

On a functional level, this doesn’t make much sense, since the ability to create a space for comments on a tweet is still something of an overkill. Of course, it doesn’t seem like this will be the only feature coming to Twitter, or at least it looks like they’re in the pipeline. Also, a function was noticed that would allow fixing answers.

Yes, maybe soon when we see the conversations on Twitter, we will find messages posted by the creator of the tweet. It is currently unknown when these features will arrive.but all indications are that at the very least they should be developed so that they already appear in some profiles, such as the one in news capture.

Source: Computer Hoy

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