HTC happy with Apple glasses: “competition is good”

Apple plans to launch Apple Reality Pro glasses very soon.

HTC happy with Apple glasses: "competition is good"
The long-awaited Apple glasses delayed to mid-year

Apple is preparing for the launch of augmented reality and virtual reality glasses or helmets that may be presented during the event. WWDC 2023. In fact, the company is also said to be planning to launch a cheaper version of the mixed reality headset in 2025 to capture a wider range of demand.

Theoretically, there’s only three months left for Apple to present its commonly called mixed reality glasses. Apple Reality Pro by the private media – and players in this sector of the industry are already starting to talk about Apple’s imminent entry. Including HTC CEO Cher Wang.

“Apple shows we’re in the right direction”

During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Cher Wang was interviewed by CNBC and assured that she was not at all worried about a new player coming to the game. Apple will announce Apple Reality Pro very soon, in the middle or end of this year, and its CEO HTC thinks this is good for their company and for the market in general.

“Apple is always more cautious. I think the market is big enough for them to enter now. That really proves we’re headed in the right direction. Competition is always good.”

HTC has launched the Vive product line, which focuses on augmented reality and virtual reality. According to the latest data collected by research firm Counterpoint Research, HTC has sold nearly 100,000 mixed reality devices 40,000 more in the second quarter of 2022 compared to the first quarter of 2021.

The latest leaks about Apple Reality Pro show that the company with the bitten apple logo will incorporate it into its own structure. earphones A Processor with SoC architecture With a CPU, GPU, and an image coprocessor fabricated by a 5 nanometer process. On the other hand, the design can consist of an elegant visor, inner mesh and multiple straps with different styles. glasses can be made glass, aluminum and carbon fiber.

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