GPT-4 has the ability to build iPhone apps using SwiftUI

GPT-4 is capable of creating a working application in just a few minutes!

A developer used GPT-4 to create a movie recommendation app for iOS

This week Open AI introduced GPT-4, the evolution of the autoregressive language model that gave life to the famous ChatGPT that most of us already know. As logical as it is, this surpasses its predecessor, showing its backup potential by responding to almost any request, including the generation of code in different programming languages. But if that’s already too much, GPT-4 has shown that it can create custom applications for different platforms such as iOS.

The developers already define GPT-4 as: “The big leap in natural language processing” thanks to you the ability to better understand and compose more human-like texts and solve more difficult problems with greater precision. And the first challenges to prove it have already begun.

Consider an application and write GPT-4 code

Developer Morten Just showed how he used GPT-4 to create an iPhone app that recommends five new movies to the user every day. All you have to do is request the corresponding request or prompt.

In your case, just before AI Apple’s SwiftUI language and explained that the application should show progress and transfer. platforms where every movie can be watched.

Available through the updated version of ChatGPT with GPT-4 and with a paid subscription. the result was code for an iPhone app called WatchMate that did exactly what the developer wanted.

He shared a video of the process that allowed him to get a fully functional app, showing a list of five different movies, along with a description and trailer for each. developer said The first build had some bugs, but GPT-4 fixed them and then “apologised”.

This example serves to show the potential of artificial intelligence and how. The explosion of ChatGPT led to a radical change for tech companiesThey’ve had to push their plans in that direction by completing service integrations like Bing and Snapchat or finding their own way.

A few weeks ago, Google launched its own chatbot Bard to compete with ChatGPT, and it was soon confirmed that Apple is developing its own AI tools. And staying behind is not an option.

Source: i Padizate

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