Astronomy lovers have a unique opportunity in the coming days to see the beautiful planetary alignment. No more and no less than five planets will pose next to the Moon from 25 to 30 March.

Though not all will leave at the same time and some will soon be lost over the horizon, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Mars These days they will pose next to our companion. Except, Saturn will appear stellar only on March 27 and 28.

Some can be seen with the naked eye, but to see all of the planetary alignments, ideally you need to have binoculars or telescope. Also, an app like Stellarium can come in handy, as this way we can see the position and departure time of each planet depending on where we are. But this is not the only thing we must consider.

Keys to See Planetary Alignment

Venus clearly visible from the city. In fact, as you well remember from Scientific Alert, is the third brightest luminary in the sky after the Sun and the Moon. However, the other members of the planetary alignment will look very weaker. So if we can get away from light pollution, much better.

Also, since some of the planets will be just above the horizon, ideally you should be in a place where no mountains or buildings blocking the view.

At this moment, all that remains is to wait until the Sun drops below the horizon, and look exactly to the west. They won’t keep you waiting long Jupiter and Mercury. They will look a little faded, so binoculars are better, but for this it is very important to make sure that there is no more sunlight left, otherwise we may damage our eyesight. We’ll only have an hour to see them, then they’ll hide again.

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From my side, Venus and Uranus they will appear taller, although Venus will be much brighter. Uranus looks so faint that it’s best to wait until the other two are hidden to get a better look at it. Unfortunately, it is difficult to see them together. Relatively Marsin the sky it will be much longer, above the crescent Moon and slightly to the left of it on March 25-27, then under the Moon on March 28 and beyond.

Finally, Saturn he will only join the planetary alignment during March 27th and 28th and will not pose with everyone else because he will appear much later, shortly before dawn. Therefore, it will be a kind of meeting, but it is worth seeing. It is worth writing down the dates on a calendar and taking advantage of these days to go out and look at the sky.

Source: Hiper Textual

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