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Low Energy Air Conditioner: The Best Models to Buy in 2022


In countries like Spain, especially in some areas, it is absolutely essential to have air conditioning at home, because with temperatures that exceed 40º every year, there are not many other alternatives to avoid suffering during the period from May to September.

However, when buying an air conditioner, there are many factors to consider, such as size, noise and, above all, what is now more relevant than ever: electricity consumption. Electricity bills are skyrocketing, saving is key.

If you need to change yours or get a new one, it’s very important to choose one that has at least an you can save hundreds of euros over the lifetime.

Fortunately, there are many offers to find cheap and economical models of all kinds, whether they are split inverters or portable air conditioners, a very trendy format lately.

We have selected several models in different price segments that will be useful to you so that you do not fry at home and do not overpay.

  1. Olimpia Splendid 01921 of 2500 frigorias (portable)
  2. EQUATION Silent2 2200 frigorias (portable)
  3. INFINITON 3720MU 3500 frigories (separate)
  4. MITSUBISHI LMK09Z6L-W 2000 frigories (separate)
  5. HAIER Jade 3000 frigoria (divided)

Olympia Splendid 01921 Certified A


Olympia Splendid

If your budget doesn’t allow for too much investment, this portable Olimpia Splendid is a good option, although it’s not the one that consumes the least power of all of our picks.

In terms of price-quality ratio, it really stands out and strongly, as it costs less than 300 euros and has at least 2500 frigorias, that is, very cold.

Like all laptops, it has a vent tube that needs to be attached to a window, and it comes with all the necessary accessories to do so.

Sold by Amazon, which means Shipping is pretty fast if you have an Amazon Prime account.something perfect if you can’t stand the heat anymore and want an immediate solution.

EQUATION Silent2 A+ Certified

Silent2 Equation

Leroy Merlin

Silent2 Equation

Now let’s move on to other fairly cheap portable models, in this case from another store that specializes in these products: Leroy Merlin, who sells it for 349 euros with the option of home delivery or store pickup.

It makes the transition to A+ certification, a move that is noticeable in the score, although it is somewhat less powerful than the previous Olympia, with “only” 2200 frigorias.

However, this should be more than enough to cool rooms of 20-30 square meters quickly and steadily.

INFINITON 3720MU A++ Certified

Split air conditioner INFINITON 3720MU


Endless split

Another step, now to A++ in split air conditioning and with WiFi, which also has a slightly lower price than usual.

Its main strength is refrigerators, at least 3.5 thousand units.much more than you can get on other similarly priced devices.

With it, you will be able to cool a medium-sized house while maintaining a fairly modest consumption, which in the case of other 3500 refrigerator air conditioners would lead to an unexpected increase in the bill.

Of course, it has a problem: Amazon sells it, but you’ll have to rent the rig separately.

MITSUBISHI LMK09Z6L-W with A+++ certification


Leroy Merlin

Mitsubishi Split

After scratching your pocket a little more, you can now move on to very prestigious brands in the sector, such as Japan’s Mitsubishi, which has had a significant worldwide presence for decades.

This device, 499 euros in Leroy Merlin, can be bought with installation, which is quite convenient and important. It has 2000 frigories, ample but not impressive power which, together with the A+++ certification, results in a very low power model.

For the price, and with a Leroy Merlin and Mitsubishi warranty, this is undoubtedly one of the best options available.

HAIER Jade with A+++ certification

Hyer Jade


Hyer Jade

This model is undoubtedly the most complete of all. There are more powerful, almost industrial ones, but this one combines a good price with a considerable number of frigorias (3000), silent operation and one more additional function.

Aside from air conditioning, it’s an air purifier, so you’re killing two birds with one stone: keeping you cool and breathing better air.

It has Wi-Fi and you can control it remotely or even schedule it to turn on and off from your mobile phone.

Source: Computer Hoy

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