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Home Tech The DGT also uses camouflaged motorcycles to track traffic violations.

The DGT also uses camouflaged motorcycles to track traffic violations.


As soon as summer arrives, motorcyclists set off on their weekend routes. The weather is good, the road is quite dry, visibility is perfect. Without a doubt, it’s time to enjoy good mountain routes. Here’s what to do if your motorcycle breaks down.

The problem is that sometimes these routes involve illegal overtaking, illegal speeds and constant risk. For some reason, motorcycles accumulate the majority of traffic accidents, despite being a less used vehicle than a car.

To make sure motorcyclists drive properly, the DGT has a fairly new practice: traffic police officers in civilian clothes on street motorcycles. Let’s explain it.


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As we told you the General Directorate of Road Traffic has developed a road safety plan aimed at monitoring motoristsespecially on Saturdays and Sundays, when motorcycle accidents increase the most.

One strategy used by civil traffic police agents to detect reckless motorcyclist behavior is to observe their behavior with motorcycles in disguise. Thus, the motorist will not suspect the agent.

At the moment, this method has already been found on the roads in Galicia, specifically in the province of Pontevedra, warn in La Vanguardia. This means it could have been repeated elsewhere in Spain.

The Civil Guard of Pontevedra has two high-volume motorcycles to monitor the behavior of motorcyclists. And neither cars nor agents dressed in civilian clothes have elements that identify them with the police.

In this way, they manage to remain undetected and can keep a close eye on the motorists they control. When they detect a violation, the agents overtake the motorist and signal him to pull over to the side of the road.

That’s when the penalty for the reckless driver falls. The goal is for motorists to be careful on the road, whether or not there are agents on guard. His idea is that if they sow the suspicion that anyone can be a traffic cop, motorists will always be wary.

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