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We tested Watch D: this is how Huawei’s first blood pressure smartwatch works


We have seen that smartwatches are wearable devices that have evolved towards tracking values ​​and health data. They started by measuring hours sleep and the quality of it in addition to counting steps.

The integration of a heart rate sensor made it possible to monitor the pulse during sports. Over the years, advanced sensors have been added that even allow you to get results comparable to ECG.

The recorded sleep data has also improved, which Huawei has developed over generations with its Truseen technology.

We’ve been hearing for months that technology is being developed that will allow us to go one step further and measure blood pressure and offer more advanced health monitoring. Huawei has just released the Huawei Watch D.


Software Huawei Watch D, Harmony OS 2.1

How are things with Huawei Watch D

This watch comes with a stand Harmony OS 2.1 and all the advanced features that this implies. But let’s get down to business: how does this new blood pressure feature work?

As we can see, the watch is a bit thicker than most smartwatches on the market, maybe a slightly more rugged design, as if we were facing a reinforced model.

The watch case is made of aviation aluminum so it’s really not very heavy for its size.

It is made in such a way that its inside is sealed. IP68 certification which allows you to even swim with it.

The watch has two physical buttons on the right, one for returning to home, and the other for direct access to the Health features. They are used for menu navigation in addition to touch screen operation.

How he measures blood pressure: the secret on the strap

Blood pressure measurement technology is based on a wristband with a small inflatable pouch inside fabric that mimics the automatic measurement of a holster wristband, or the way a doctor measures your blood pressure.

In the case of Watch D, a small pressure pump which is capable of inflating a small chamber inside the bracelet, similar to, for example, rubber air chambers inside bicycle wheels. But let’s start from the very beginning.


Huawei Watch D how it works

The bracelet combines silicone design on the outside and comfortable fabric on the inside which hides an air chamber that swells to constrict the passage of blood and be able to measure blood pressure levels in both systole and diastole.

You need to fine-tune the bracelet so that the measurements are correct. To do this, we must use a small paper tape on which we can choose the size of the bracelet L or M and then a number with which we can make this fine adjustment so that when you fasten it, it is ready to use and take the correct measurements . .

In my personal case, the size was 13-14, and I used an L strap. Under a small inflatable bag, we found this fine adjustment. After that, what you only need to do this on first useyou can put on the watch and wear it as usual.


When placing, you must do this with two fingers from the very wrist, and now you can use it as a smartwatch, receive notifications, or use any application.

this is a watch with Harmony OS 2.1, so the menu is exactly the same as in smartwatches from other brands. However, we have found a new variant of blood pressure. The watch was in English and the button said “Blood Pressure”.

As soon as we press it, it invites us to relax, which is hardly possible in a presentation, and keep our hand up during the measurement.

The measurement will start immediately and you will feel as if your wrist is being held with more and more pressure. The pressure builds up more and more, until at the last moment you notice how it releases air, weakens at the wrist and returns to its original state. Total time measurement is about 45-50 seconds.

It’s not an annoying feeling at any time, it’s quite convenient and fast. Once the measurement is done It offers us data on high pressure (systole), low pressure (diastole) and heart rate. Wednesday during the test.

This data is reflected in the application, which also advises you whether or not to make changes to your life and diet if you have gone beyond the normal values.

Voltage result

In my case, the measurement was 136/100 and the pulse was 81 beats per minute. These values ​​indicate slight hypertension.

Seeing this voltage value, I decided to take a new measurement, already in the pharmacy it’s calm and everything is correct, 120/75. I attribute this dimension to the fact that I do not relax after the presentation, I record videos, etc.

Huawei guarantees accurate measurement for now and thanks to small air pump 40 kPa which combines the watch has the correct accuracy in the range of 40 – 230 mmHg.

Smart watch for those who want to fully monitor their health

With Huawei Watch D, the company has managed to launch a watch on the market with which they can take full control of their health.

Allows you to control your exercise over 70 recognized sportscount steps, monitor the pulse at rest or during exercise.

Watch D

It also has a sensor similar to ECG which makes it possible to discover fibrillation or valve decompensation in a test that only lasts 30 seconds.

Full sleep tracking with TruSeen 5.0 Technology allows you to determine the total number of hours, moments of deep sleep and gives an overall assessment of the quality of sleep, and also advises us to improve rest.

And also uses a menstruation monitoring system for female users, which allows you to check the regularity and avoid problems in the medium term.

As we can see, Huawei Watch D closes the circle that the company has been drawing for years with most of its wearables to improve user health monitoring.

Source: Computer Hoy

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