Evidently, Apple may have a way to switch to USB Type-C as far as all its devices are concerned. This time we are talking about a report by the well-known analyst Ming Chi Kuo’who had the opportunity to deepen that the Cupertino company is not only thinking about the iPhone with a USB port of this type, but also for all your devices that could evolve in this way.

In particular, there is talk of a change that would cause the giant to specify Lightning type ports also for all other devices it may bring to the market. This would therefore result in the company fulfilling all the requests it has received over the years by not integrating this type of standard, which is instead preferred by virtually all manufacturers operating in the technology market.

It must be said that we are not dealing with an official announcement, and that even if we imagine the news that it is about Kuo found to be well-founded, we could still be faced with improvements that would only come in the long run, although of course it remains a big step for the company that give up the Lightning ports on his iPhones

However, as we have been able to delve into in this article, it seems that such a move is not as close as it seems, and the behemoth could therefore launch iPhones with USB Type C as the power and data source transmission port only through there series 15 Building on current standards, this should be available to market during the year 2023. So we’re waiting for an announcement on this, with further clues that could emerge in due course and anticipating the jewels that Apple could make this change for.

Source: Lega Nerd

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