How many subscribers does Apple TV+ have? More than many imagine

The growth of the platform is surprising, according to data from an analytics firm.

Apple TV+ continues to grow at an impressive pace

Since its inception, Apple TV+ has grown into one of the most important streaming platforms on the market. Apple managed its marketing strategy perfectly to give due attention to each of its original content. So less premiere but better quality.

why did this happen The number of Apple TV+ subscribers has tripled in the last two yearsAccording to data from an analytics firm they shared from Cult of Mac.

Apple TV+ subscription numbers

After its heyday in 2022 and 2023, Apple TV+ has finally settled into the middle ranks. The fierce competition between the strongest competitors in the market such as Netflix, Hulu or Disney+. According to Antenna, the number of Apple TV+ subscribers has increased exponentially.

Apple TV+ captures 11% of the ad-free streaming market During the month of May 2023. 3% increase compared to the same period two years ago. However, it is still far behind Netflix, which has a strong 32% dominance in this market segment. Disney+ has a 13% market share.

The data collected by analytics firm Antenna is divided into two: subscribers to ad-supported services and subscribers to ad-free services.

Currently, Apple has not yet implemented an ad-supported subscription plan. But that may be a matter of time. Some rumors circulating on the Internet that the company with the bitten apple logo may be considering offering a new, even cheaper subscription plan – the basic subscription plan is only 4.99 euros – occasional ads on the platform.

We recently learned that Apple has canceled the second season of ‘High Desert’, but other projects on the platform continue to work great. For example, the ‘Silo’ series, which has many reasons to be successful. On the other hand, Apple has also renewed the second season of ‘Foundation’, which will premiere on Apple TV+ on July 14.

Source: i Padizate

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