Netflix Improves Profile Transfer Amidst Password Sharing Chaos

Getting your list of Netflix series will be easier than ever.

Netflix improves profile transfer functionality between accounts

The new policy on account sharing on Netflix has created a real stir among users of the Reed Hastings platform. Today the waters are calmer and Netflix announced an update to the following options: transfer profiles to a new account. After that, the function can also be used to transfer data to an existing account.

After the account sharing ban in multiple locations, Netflix wants its users to be more comfortable creating a new account on the platform and so on. increase your user base and stop the avalanche of declines in Netflix subscriptions.

How to use the feature to transfer Netflix profiles from one account to another?


Many Netflix users expressed their dissatisfaction with the platform after the new password sharing policy.

This functionality, which Netflix proposes to develop, was first October 2022. However, until now, the service has only allowed users to transfer their TV shows and movies from one account to a new one.

Now the transfer of profiles will also apply to storing data in existing accounts. Automatically transferring a Netflix profile recovery personalized recommendations, playback history, TV and movie listings, saved games and other settings. The function is among the menu options that appear when the profile icon is clicked.

“No matter what’s going on, let your Netflix profile stay stable in a changing life so you can sit back, relax and pick up where you left off.”

Over the past few months, the company’s efforts prevent your users from sharing password from the same Netflix account in different locations. This policy has spread internationally and has recently landed in the United States as well. So Netflix is ​​at an important milestone right now, especially at the social level.

Source: i Padizate

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