Apple wants to acquire the rights to Formula 1

The company is preparing a very attractive offer.

Apple TV+ may include F1 in its catalog

Apple continues sports betting on its streaming platform. The company has not only acquired the rights to Major League Soccer, but also aims to broadcast Premier League matches, include the NBA in Apple Vision Pro, and now, apparently, Plans to buy the rights to Formula 1According to Business F1 magazine.

Apple is considering a bid worth $2 billion annually. With such an amount, Apple could “eventually” acquire exclusive rights to F1. This is almost double what Formula 1 currently generates through international television rights.

Apple TV+ may soon broadcast F1 races


F1 will attract a large number of subscribers to the platform

Max Verstappen is about to become Formula 1 champion in QatarCarlos Sainz achieved his second victory in history behind his Ferrari at Monza. “Brother. Brother.” F1 is at the peak of the season looking for 33.

Apple’s interest in purchasing Formula 1 rights has increased as the number of MLS broadcasts has increased (largely thanks to Messi’s arrival) along with the MLS Season Pass package.

In theory, F1 will have its own package and will be available on Apple TV+ via individual subscription.

However, even if Apple acquires the rights to Formula 1 to broadcast on Apple TV+, the company I still didn’t get exclusive rights for a while because there are existing contracts with numerous platforms around the world, such as DAZN and Movistar+ in Spain.

According to Business F1, Apple would be happy with a deal that allows them to include more regions as they become available. Currently, ESPN’s F1 rights expire in 2025. On the other hand, DAZN and Movistar+ acquire rights to Formula 1 from 2021 to 2023. However, there are also contracts that do not end until 2029.

But that’s not Apple TV+’s only relationship with Formula 1. It has been known for a while that Brad Pitt will participate in a movie about F1 for Apple TV +, and theoretically, the American actor will drive F1 in the Silverstone GP. to watch. So, very interesting days await Formula 1 enthusiasts for Apple TV+. Service available now 6.99 euros Once a month on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, smart TVs and the web.

Source: i Padizate

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