Apple is launching a spooky series perfect for Halloween: ‘Enfield Poltergeist’

The docuseries is inspired by the true story of the Enfield case.

Enfield Poltergeist, Apple TV+

After learning the release date of ‘The Moon Killers’ and the landing of a series about John Lennon’s murder on Apple’s streaming platform, there is now very interesting Halloween news for its fans. horror and ghost TV series and movies.

Apple will release a new one today New horror docuseries for Halloween on Apple TV+ inspired by enfield poltergeist –the real case on which the ‘Warren Files’ saga is based–. It looks monstrous and will be an amazing plan for those who love the genre.

‘Enfield Poltergeist’: The world’s most famous horror story is now on Apple TV+

Documentary series inspired by true events at Enfield is now on Apple TV+ and The first season consists of four spooky episodes It’s about an hour long and will have your hair standing on end for Halloween.

“Experience the chilling story of the world’s most famous ghost case through original audio recordings made inside the house as the events occurred.”

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All four episodes of ‘Enfield Poltergeist’ are now available

Four episodes of the first season of ‘The Enfield Poltergeist’ will bring us closer to Earth Events in 1977 A house in the town of Enfield (London) was said to be haunted.

One night, the furniture and beds in the house began to move inexplicably. some heard very strange sounds A person who seems to come from beyond the grave and scares the family’s four children. Janet Hodgson, 11, violently dragged from his bed by a strange and mysterious “dark energy” The one who threatened to throw him out the window.

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The Enfield case revolutionized the press in 1977

Police never found evidence There was nothing suspicious about that terrible night in Enfield. Paranormal investigators had been tracking the Hodgson family for several years, supposedly confirming terrifying unexplained events that occurred in 1977.

‘Enfield Poltergeist’ is the perfect plan for Halloween. Stars of the documentary series Paula Benson, Daniel Lee, Olivia Booth-Ford and Charlotte Miller. It looks like the Hodgson family is also helping out during the filming of the series.

Apple recently increased the price of Apple TV+ in Spain and other services such as Apple Arcade and the Apple One bundle. Previously, the company’s streaming platform was available with a monthly subscription of 6.99 euros and now costs 2.99 euros. 9.99 euros monthly.

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