Apple TV+ copies one of Amazon Prime Video’s best features

This is probably the most interesting feature of tvOS 18

Apple TV+ copies one of Amazon Prime Video's best features

It’s been a week since Apple announced all the software news for iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia, watchOS 11, VisionOS 2, and tvOS 18 at its launch event. WWDC 10 June 2024. While Apple Intelligence’s artificial intelligence is the main protagonist of the iPhone, iPad and Mac operating system, the functionality “inside” He was the star of Apple TV software.

InSight is a tvOS 18 feature. Search real-time information about all actors and songs in scenes A TV series, movie, or documentary playing on Apple TV.

Meanwhile, an innovation Already available on Amazon Prime Video for a while. InSight will only be available for original Apple TV+ content.

InSight: how does it work?

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InSight provides cast and song details for Apple TV+ originals

The truth is that the tvOS 18 software update for Apple TV did not play a major role at WWDC 2024. But the new features that Apple’s little magic box brings to the operating system imply that: One of the biggest changes in tvOS of history.

The new InSight feature in tvOS 18 will feel familiar to anyone who has used the feature. Amazon Prime Video. The platform also includes its own player recognition process via X-Ray; In addition to identifying actors, this process also includes sports information about the players.


InSight works similarly to X-Ray on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video’s X-Ray feature first launched on the platform Ignite. Shortly after the range was expanded to tablets Fire And smart televisions.

With InSight, iPhone and Apple TV users will have access to a new section that shows all the actors involved in a scene in a TV series or movie. Moreover, InSight is connected to Apple Musicso you can add any song or soundtrack from a scene directly to your library.

Other tvOS 18 news

As we mentioned before, tvOS 18 has introduced many new features that contribute to significantly enriching the Apple TV user experience. function Improving dialogue (“Improving Dialogue”) It uses machine learning to bring greater audio clarity to audio from streaming media on speakers, receivers, AirPods, and other Bluetooth devices.

Another of the most interesting new features included in the tvOS 18 software update is Subtitles of TV series and movies appear automatically When the user mutes the Apple TV or rewinds a few seconds to the previous scene.

Added in tvOS 18 21:9 aspect ratio format support A new experience for projectors on Apple TV, completely redesigned for Apple Fitness+ content and new screensavers.

It’s very likely that Apple took inspiration from Amazon Prime Video’s X-Ray feature to create InSight on Apple TV. However, he did it in his own style and by including the Apple Music platform. This is an addition that many Apple TV+ users will appreciate.

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